May 2018

VR + maths = mind blowing!

Interface Article

May 2018

Silver Practice Tramp

Photo of group at Daley's Clearing Hut

May 2018

'Julius Caesar' Pop-Up Globe Theatre Trip

80 Level 3 English students were lucky enough to visit the Pop-Up Globe Theatre, Ellerslie, to watch an all-female cast perform Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’. Mr Kirk, Ms Coade, Ms Robinson, Ms Jenkins, and Ms Chamberlin accompanied the students and a great day was had by all. The building itself allowed us all to be transported back in time to experience live theatre as one of the ‘Groundlings’ - watching the play from the main floor just in front of the stage. This up-close and personal presentation was the highlight for many students as they were covered in fake blood and felt like a genuine part of the performance. A trip to the Pop-Up Globe has become a regular feature of the English Programme and we all look forward to visiting again next year.

May 2018

Oceania Evening

This year we held our second Oceania Evening. Oceania Evening is about celebrating OSC’s Maori and Pasifika cultures, as well as allowing the students to step up and be confident, showing the rest of the school why they are proud of their ethnicity. This year we faced a few trials with the weather, however the evening was a huge success, with the students stepping up and volunteering to perform. Many of our performances were organised without the teachers, as the students taught each other and practised by themselves. Samoan, Tongan, Niuean, Cook Island, Kapa Haka dance performances from Ormiston students enthralled the crowds. As well as this we had guest performances from Sancta Maria Kapa Haka and the Botany Downs Samoan Group. Huge credits to the staff and students who stepped up to help make Oceania Evening the huge success it was. With particular thanks to student leaders Jesse Tuhaka and Sophie Doyle whose efforts brought the event to fruition.

May 2018

Level 1 Geography and Level 1 Economics Field Trip to a Waitako Dairy Farm

In Term 1, students from Level 1 Economics and Geography and their teachers Miss Harvey and Mrs Karan visited the McGiven Diary Farm in the Waikato region. The purpose of this field trip was to complete assessments that focus on understanding how a Dairy Farming as a land use activity is a sustainable use of the environment and the decisions made by a producer.

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