Before you make your decision on the courses that you would like to study in 2018, find out as much information as you can about NCEA courses, approved subjects and careers by referring to:

For NCEA Level 2 & 3

In NCEA Level 2, specialisation based on strengths, interests and career aspirations is encouraged.

The NCEA Level 2 & 3 course selection guide for 2019 will be available in August 2018

The Curriculum map listing all courses is available below.

For NCEA Level 1

Level 1 Course Explanations

Year 11 students can study six courses in 2018:

  • Mathematics and English (or ESOL) are compulsory.
  • Science is highly recommended as an option to keep pathways open for NCEA Level 2 and beyond (see the table below for Science options)
  • Physical Education & Health is recommended

During Level 1 students work with their Learning Advisors to help them plan their career pathways and ensure they are taking courses that will lead them in the direction they wish to follow. The college is able to personalise programmes based on student needs.

Curriculum Map for 2018

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Accounting Accounting Accounting
Technology (Hard Materials) Industrial Design Technology
Industrial Design Technology
Visual Art

Visual Art - Design
Visual Art - Painting
Visual Art -Photography
Visual Art -Design
Visual Art - Painting
Visual Art - Photography
Business Studies Business Studies
Business Studies
Dance Dance Dance
Design and Visual Communication Design and Visual Communication Design and Visual Communication
Digital Technology Computer Science
Visual Art - Design (by negotiation)
Computer Science (starting in 2018)
Drama Drama Drama
Economics Economics Economics
English Multi-level (focus on UE literacy with L2 &L3)
Media Studies Media Studies
Media Studies
Food Technology Food Technology
Food Technology
Geography Geography
History History History
Languages** Languages** Languages**
Mathematics Mathematics

Mathematics with Statistics
Music Music Music
Physical Education & Health
(with Duke of Edinburgh)
Physical Education

Physical Education

Science Biology
Gateway, STAR and trades courses
(available through the careers department)
Gateway & STAR

Courses listed above are offered subject to numbers.

**Our Languages offering is limited at the moment. We offer courses in conjunction with off-site providers using online environments. We generally offer courses in Chinese, French, Spanish and Japanese, but may be able to assist with courses in other NCEA Language studies.

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