Student Stories

Nam Khanh Vo Le, Viet Nam

Year 13, International Student

Nam Kkhanh Vo Le, Viet NamThis is my fourth year in New Zealand and the second year in Ormiston Senior College where I am studying at the moment. The first impression I got when I landed on New Zealand is the traffic. Unlike Viet Nam, there weren’t a lot of motorbikes, instead, most of the traffic were cars and buses. In my opinion, comparing Ormiston Senior College to my previous school which is Massey High School, Ormiston is much better because of people, teachers and students. They are friendly and caring about each other. Moreover, Ormiston also has cultural events such as Oceania Evening or sports events such as Spirit World between orange and green which bring people together. Overall, Ormiston Senior College has a suitable environment for international students and native students.

Đây là năm thứ tư của tôi tại New Zealand, và năm thứ hai tại trường Ormiston, nơi tôi đang học vào lúc này. Ấn tượng đầu tiên tôi nhận được khi tôi đến New Zealand là giao thông. Không giống như Việt Nam, không có nhiều xe máy, thay vào đó, phần lớn giao thông là xe ô tô và xe buýt. Theo tôi, khi so sánh trường Ormiston với trường Massey, Ormiston tốt hơn vì mọi người, giáo viên và sinh viên. Họ rất thân thiện và quan tâm đến nhau. Hơn nữa, Ormiston cũng có các sự kiện văn hoá như buổi tối Châu Đại Dương hay các sự kiện thể thao như thế giới tinh thần giữa màu da cam và màu xanh lá cây mang lại cho mọi người cùng nhau. Nói chung, trường Ormiston có môi trường thích hợp cho sinh viên quốc tế và sinh viên bản xứ.

Khiang Lim, Cambodia

Year 13, International Student

Khiang Lim, CambodiaI was pretty nervous when I arrived in New Zealand for the first time by myself. I was all alone and had to adapt to a new environment to mature without my family. Life is hard without having parents by your side to help you survive, but this is the struggle that I need to pass through to become a better person.

I had a really great time when I first arrived in New Zealand because my LA advisor taught me lots of things, encouraged me and supported me towards my careers and goals. I had a really great time playing badminton in Ormiston Senior College as a Year 13 where I made bonds with many new friends and coaches who helped me to improve my skills and fitness. My great experience I had with a teacher was with Mr Loh because we made great memories together during badminton training, shared dinner, etc.

Sumeshnee Pillay, South Africa

Year 13, International Student

Sumeshnee PillayI am Sumeshnee Pillay. My experience at OSC was one of the best throughout my schooling career. I have learnt to love and care for people and things around me. I loved every moment with OSC. I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Crossley and Mrs Peters for all their guidance and help with school and my student visa.

Thank you to the OSC family for all the love they have shared with me. A special thank you to my teachers that have helped me improve in my learning abilities. I would also like to thank my family for supporting me in New Zealand. A very big and special thank you to my LA, Mrs Sneddon and Principal, Mrs Patience for an amazing experience at OSC.

Coming to OSC has changed my life around to become a more smart and independent young lady. Thank you.

Molyka Leng, Cambodia

Year 13, International Student

Molyka LengI’ve studied here since 2016. When I first came here it was a little hard for me as it is a new environment. My biggest obstacle is my English because it is not my first language and I cannot use it well. I chose all science subjects, Math and ESOL at Level 2. Physics was the hardest subject among all the subjects that I’ve chosen. Because I sometimes couldn’t understand the questions and express my answers well. But the teacher helped me a lot. She often asked and explained on any misunderstanding questions. For other subjects, teachers were supportive. They explained and taught how to write/answer questions clearly. My ESOL teacher helped me a lot with my UE Literacy. He explains and put a lot of effort on our work. He is one of the great teachers I’ve ever met. The start of Level 3 means that things are getting more serious. I chose the same subjects as last year. This year, Biology is the hardest subject for me because there are a lot of technique words that I have to remember. Teachers do their job gratefully. I appreciate it so much as the effort that they put on me.

My friends also help me a lot in my study. The International Manager is a grateful person. She helped me on my visa issue and more. All teachers and friends here are helpful and easy-going which help me in adapting to a new environment easily. Lastly, I would like to thank them all for their support and effort that they give to me.

Sunny Sun, China

Year 13, International Student

Sunny SunWhen I first arrived in New Zealand I was excited but also a little scared. My first impressions were it was a beautiful country with great weather. My English has improved at OSC which helps me to understand more. I have met several international friends. My homestay family is nice and friendly. I will now do a foundation course and then move onto the University of Auckland (AUT/MIT) to hopefully study Arts and Graphics. Thank you.

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