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Dylan Townsend

Concussion Conundrum


I’ve built a device that essentially records the impact or dangerous moves that an athlete’s head is exposed to during impact sports like rugby or American football. The device detects movement and informs coaches when an athlete is involved in a concussion causing injury. The device is worn on the head and stores information on the device.

What inspired you to create your project?

I’ve had family friends who have suffered from concussions over the years, one in particular was a 12 year old neighbour who I baby sit. He suffered a concussion while playing rugby and was severely impacted. He wasn’t able to go to school for a while and couldn’t do simple things like walk up stairs. He also suffered from frequent headaches. My device will alert people when they’ve suffered an impact, so that they stop playing and potentially making the injury worse.

Are you the first tech inventor in your family?


Who influences your tech/innovation?

I mainly undertook this project by myself, but tech teacher supported me and my parents kept me on track.

What are your plans for next year after finishing high school?

Planning on studying engineering at Auckland University. I’m not sure what my major will be though, because I like all areas of science and how they work together.

What is your dream job?

I’d like to work in research and development, trying to solve real world issues with tech and science. I’d like to create an impact.

What is the best thing about ASB Bright Sparks to you?

I was able to discover a new passion for electronics, spoke to specialists cause of it, opened my eyes up to the opportunities to NZ

Would you enter ASB Bright Sparks again?

Yeah would I recommend to other people.

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